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A non-invasive Eastern Facelift

Can luminous, youthful-looking skin be effortless? Have you ever found yourself feeling envious of someone’s genes responsible for their glowing and radiant skin? It may have less to do with genetics to die for and more with the fact that you were looking at someone who has discovered the benefits of one noteworthy skincare habit – facial massage. This non-invasive relaxing experience not only leaves you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted, it also produces tangible anti-ageing results – promotes skin elasticity, prevents sagging skin, smoothes out wrinkles and counters the formation of new ones.

An anti-ageing massage technique that goes beyond skin-deep

Kobido facial massage technique originates in the hotbed of radiant skin – Japan. This technique is etched in over half a century of Japanese tradition. A Kobido massage therapist produces luxurious sensations and results by performing fast, strong, rhythmic kneading-like fingertip movements. The procedure tones facial muscles and boosts the oxygenation of the epidermis. The benefits aren’t limited to physical expression only – Kobido harmonizes energy which combats stress and anxiety helping to release pent up emotions. This results in a glorious calm and relaxed feeling.

Gua Sha tool is used for a complimentary boosting effect

Inspired by ancient Chinese rituals, Gua Sha is a heart-shaped tool with smooth, rounded edges often used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its many benefits include lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, reduced facial tension and increased absorption of nutrients from specifically chosen MRVL skincare products. It is also known to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

During the facial massage session, your skincare specialist will use the Gua Sha tool to perform a combination of short and long strokes to stimulate microcirculation and increase blood flow to the face and neck area. While you lie down and relax, the therapist will apply gentle strokes to look for tense tissue and gradually build up the intensity to promote circulation and healing.

Combining Kobido, Facial Reflexology and Gua Sha to reprogram, sculpt and redefine facial muscles

For ultimate results, we are combining reflexology, Kobido techniques and the facial Gua Sha tool. The non-invasive, safe and relaxing techniques complement each other and help to correct expression lines, aid muscle tension relief and facial relaxation.   

Your facialist will start the procedure by assessing the condition of your skin. They will cleanse, exfoliate and apply oil before proceeding with the massage techniques to begin a pleasantly rejuvenating and uplifting experience.

To reap the ultimate benefits, it is advisable to commit to eight to twelve sessions spaced close between to reset muscular patterns and expression lines and improve facial symmetry. Once you feel the relaxation and upliftment that these techniques provide – developing and retaining a simple facial massage habit will come naturally and ensure lasting results.

To enjoy

●        Natural lifting and sculpting effect

●        Prevention and reduction of wrinkles

●        Firmness and elasticity

●        Improved skin hydration

●        Reduced grinding and clenching of the teeth

●        Reduced muscle tension

●        Relaxed nervous system

●        Luminous skin

●        Relaxed expression

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The bottom line

The face is the most exposed body part with skin particularly vulnerable to environmental factors. Sustained facial expressions result in muscle tension which prevents the lymph from flowing freely and leaves the skin looking puffy and dull, and results in the appearance of wrinkles. Why not give yourself the royal treatment that will promote skin health and longevity, and emotional wellbeing?