vajacial treatment

Vajacial Treatment

USD$65 per area

What is a vajacial?

A vajacial is a 30-60 minute soothing and rejuvenating treatment for the vulva. This is a non-invasive procedure; in other words, it does not deal with the inner vagina. The vulva is the area around the opening of the vagina and includes the outer lips (labia majora), inner lips (labia minora), and clitoris. 

Since this treatment is performed on the outer pubic area, you do not need to worry about your pH levels getting thrown off. Also, this means that you do not need a vagina to get a vajacial! A vajacial is meant to be performed on anyone’s pubic area so men can enjoy this treatment as well.

The purpose of a vajacial

Vajacials target and treat common skin concerns found in the pubic region. This treatment works to eliminate ingrown hairs (otherwise known as bikini bumps), remove dead skin cells, prevent acne flare-ups, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, diffuse hyperpigmentation, and even out the skin tone. Overall, a vajacial will significantly improve skin health in the vaginal area.

A rundown of the vajacial treatment

A vajacial may look a little different from spa to spa. The treatment could include vaginal steaming, gentle exfoliants, ingrown hair treatments, mud masks for the vulva, and even red light therapy which kills bacteria and provides skin-brightening benefits that reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. 

A standard vajacial could look something like this:

  1. steam
  2. extraction
  3. exfoliation
  4. vajacial mask 

The vaginal steam will loosen ingrown hairs, oil, dirt, and debris that clog the upper layer of skin. The extraction process gets rid of ingrown hairs, blackheads, and deep blockages. A gentle exfoliant will be used to clean out the pores. This step will reveal a fresh, healthy, and baby-soft layer of skin that can absorb and retain moisture. Finally, the mask will detoxify the skin and soothe the pubic area. 


Yes, the pubic hair must be removed (or at least smaller than the length of a grain of rice) before an esthetician can perform a vajacial. The main focus of a vajacial is to treat ingrown hairs and detoxify the skin. For the vajacial to fulfill this focus, the hair must be removed. 

It is recommended that you wax or sugar before getting a vajacial. Estheticians typically advise clients to wait 7-10 days after a wax/sugar before getting a vajacial. 

Yes, you can shave before getting a vajacial. However, there are a couple things to consider. 

First, waxing or sugaring is the preferred method of hair removal. These methods pull the hair out from the root, which opens up the pores. On the other hand, shaving slices the hair down to the surface of the skin and the rest of the hair strand remains intact. Waxing or sugaring will allow the esthetician’s products to penetrate deep into the skin with no interference from the hair strand.

Second, you need to wait sometime after shaving before going in for your vajacial. It is recommended that you wait 5-7 days after a shave before getting the treatment done. To be safe, consult your esthetician for their preferred timeline as to when you should shave before your appointment. 

  1. Do not touch the area
  2. Wear loose clothing for the next 24 hours
  3. Do not exfoliate the pubic area for a week 
  4. Do not shower or bathe for the next 24 hours
  5. Avoid activities that cause you to sweat (including working out, going in a sauna, running etc.)

No, vajacials are not necessary to maintain vagina health. Rather, vajacials are designed for those who would like to even out the skin tone, detoxify the pubic region, prevent irritation from waxing/shaving, extract ingrown hairs, and/or any of the other benefits that were previously mentioned. 

Vajacials do not hurt! Many people find vajacials to be relaxing and therapeutic. 

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