Biofeedback & Food Sensitivity Testing




A highly personalized Biofeedback test offers insight into one’s overall state of wellbeing. BioScan Technology tests organ and systemic health and provides information about the organism at a cellular level. Available tests include heavy metal testing, the presence of bacteria, parasites, fungi (e.g. candida) in the system, and much more. Biofeedback test results allow for a better understand of the reasons behind disease, and detect the cause of symptoms during the early stages, enabling us to strategically recommend treatment.


Symptoms associated with food sensitivities develop slowly over time and can create inflammation and contribute to symptoms of a variety of diseases. Our BioScan test examines over 180 food items, and can help identify potential food sensitivities, allowing for informed healing modifications of your diet.

Late bookings available. We accept Cash and Credit Card Payments.

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